Carrion Crown

Campout on the way to Lepidstadt

Kyxerus sat on his camp stool near the small fire with the others of the party, holding his hands out for warmth. These Ustalavan nights were much cooler than he was used to in Lastwall.
He finally stood and moved to his saddle bags to retrieve his heavy fur cloak. Pulling the cloak out, an object fell from its folds. Glinting in the firelight, it rang metallic as it struck the ground. Throwing the cloak over his shoulders, Kyxerus bent to retrieve the object and remembered it. The medallion they had found in Harrow Stone prison.
Moving back to his seat by the fire, he studied it in the better light. The medallion was made of bronze and stamped with emblems and markings of the Shining Crusade.

Trying to identify anything about the medallion (Knowledge: History 6, Knowledge: Nobility 6, Knowledge: Religion 9)

Kyxerus held out the medallion, “Lemmy, you seem to have a good grasp of the local history. Any ideas about this?”



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