Carrion Crown

Introduction of Doctor Nim

Later that evening, there was a sharp rap on Kendra’s door. The hostess rose slowly, not expecting visitors at that late hour. Upon opening the door however, she smiled and ushered the visitor in. As he walked into the sitting room, Kendra announced him. “Folks, I have the pleasure to introduce Doctor Nim, an associate of my fathers, and the premier physician in Ravensgro.” A tall, youthful elf, Doctor Nim carried an umbrella over one arm, a large leather satchel over the other and a modified suit of studded leather lined with vials and pockets that clinked lightly as he moved about the room. Turning to Nim, she asked “but why are you here tonight?” Doctor Nim pointed to the couch, “may I sit?” he took a seat as Kendra mumbled her acquiescence.

Nim glanced around the room, taking in the adventurers who had been in deep discourse just moments earlier. Noticing the halfling, he stated “Lemmy, nice to see you here. I’d hoped the Professor, may Pharasma spare him, hadn’t overlooked you.” He smirked at his own joke and assumed a more serious tone. “Kendra, I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s murder. I came as quickly as I could, though I see I’m not the only one. I’ve cleared my calendar and am willing to assist in any way that I can. I assume you’ve interred the good Professor?” Kendra nodded. “Yesterday.” Nim clasped his hands. “I see. Well, that’s good, I suppose.” Peering at the other men in the room, he asked “I’d like to offer my services. I’m primarily a chirurgeon, but I dabble in alchemy and might prove useful, especially if you’re going to be poking around Harrowstone. Crypt raiding is more my specialty, when I’m not healing the sick, but you have to admit, Harrowstone is quite fascinating, no?”

Nim noticed one member of the group was huddled in the back, trying to be inconspicuous. He got up and walked over to the ranger and touched her shoulder. “Why are you so shy?” The ranger raised her cowled head and drew back the hood, revealing her feline face. “I’m catfolk, and you townfolk don’t seem to care much for my presence. I didn’t want to alarm you, Doctor.” Nim sat back on his haunches and scanned the room quickly for confirmation from the others. “Catfolk, eh? You look like you’re caught by the lycanthropy curse. I’d like to test something, it won’t hurt.” Nim reached into his satchel and momentarily pulled out a green sprig of an herb. He waved it in front of the rangers face. She looked at it curiously, but otherwise had no reaction.

Nim returned the herb to his bag. “Hmm, not a lycan after all, you’d at least flinched from the wolfbane. No matter, I’m sure I can fix this ailment in time.” He returned to his seat on the couch. “I don’t need fixing”, the ranger mumbled under her breath.” “So”, asked Nim, “where do we go from here?”



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