Carrion Crown

Journal of Alyara

It is a sad occasion that brings me to this foreign land. An old friend is dead. The professor was my teacher at one time. We had seemingly endless discussions on myriad subjects while I studied under him. We loved to debate our different points of view. I had hoped that one day our paths would cross again. Alas it is not to be. Mt friend is dead. They call it an accident. Of course, a gargoyle just happened to fall on him while he was had been investigating the mysterious cult called the whispering way. Highly suspicious.

Now they are calling hm a necromancer and some of the locals tried to bar our way to the cemetery and prevent us from laying him to rest. The were talked down by another member of the group. All of our group has some connection to the Professor.

The professor is survived by his Daughter Kendra. The poor girl is hanging on but it is a very difficult time for her.

Unfortunately it seems my presence has not helped. The people here are all human and non humans are not made welcome. I am catfolk and as such I am more of an outsider than most. Even Kendra turned pale when she got a good look at me. I can only hope it will pass. I like her. She is a good person. I’m not so sure how I feel about the rest of the locals.
I am joined by the others I previously alluded to. A druid, and Inquistor, a cleric all human and a halfling. I thin he is a rogue although some might say all halflings are rouges. They certainly can be troublesome but they can be handy.

While I am still learning about my companions I have some impressions. The druid worries me. She seems eager to burn things, Almost everything. Very strange woman.

The inquisitor is a stalwart fellow. He tries to help but even his fellow clergy reject him because of me and probably the halfling as well. Because he is with us, they refuse to help. well the local priest was a little helpful but not much. Really, as if I were some sort of demon. Fools! There may be real demons about or at least undead.
The cleric really is a quiet one. Hard to know what to make of him yet.

The professor had asked in his will that we stick around for 30 days to make sure Kendra is alright, However, we suspect great evil is afoot from this whispering way and are looking into it. I suspect my friend was murdered and if so, I will exact payment from the flesh of those responsible.
This is our mission now. We have little information but we are making some progress. If the whispering way is active and mean trouble we will deal with them permanently! The villagers may not like me, but I will save them anyway because it’s what he would have wanted and this is the best way to honor his memory.



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