Carrion Crown

Rachelindria's Recollections

I traveled south to Ravensgro heeding the beck and call of the dead professor. I scanned the woodlands for his spirit, but found only grey lines and the moldy scent of long dead magic. As I neared the town, a bright pink line of power awaited my spirit sense. Pink is an odd color for the likes of Ustalov. I would have to investigate that later.

I entered the house of the professor, welcomed by the warm orange aura of his daughter, Kendra. A small gathering of the professors associates greeted me. The subtle purple aura of a clergy of Pharasma, a bright blue aura from a small halfling, a yellow aura from large human male and an earthy green aura from a cloaked figure.

I fixated on the magical weave as they spoke among themselves. Every once in a while I felt the pull of a dark grey line of power, snaking its way through the house, but each time I tried to track it, the halflings bright aura wiped it from my senses.

Later, we retired.

The next day, the group decided to explore the Restlands. When we got there, I felt an immense white power. Newly dead and newly powerful, slumbering within the ground. The group wanted to go inside one of the crypts, to retrieve something or another. I didn’t pay much attention. I refused, not knowing where the great white power was lying in wait. The blue halfling stood with me, along with Rocky, my solid companion. Eventually, the others cried out for help, and I sent in Rocky, still feeling weary of entering unless it was necessary.

In the end, there was nothing to worry about. The green ranger slew a couple of vermin and the group brought forth magical items. I tried to discern their make and use, but I am not overly used to such manufactured things. But the men pressured me, so I tried, to appease them.

On the way back to the orange aura’d Kendra, I spied a vile black font of power emanating from Harrowstone. I fell ill, staring at the darkness. I don’t think I can do this, a monetary reward for what, losing my soul to the evil that invades this town?

No, on the morrow I shall take my leave. Back to Lepidstadt to study the mighty Menhirs. This adventuring life is not for me.



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