Carrion Crown

Session 3: Foray to Harrowstone

Personal journal of Kyxerus

The group finally determined to investigate what seems the cornerstone to all the events occuring in the region: The ruins of Harrowstone Prison.

The place is a mess, understandable considering the length of time it has been abandoned.
Our arrival found some areas collapsed probably due to the underground destruction. The eastern area of the prison collapsed into a sinkhole now filled with water. The main gate was sundered and hung askew from its hinges. Two structures stood within the walls; the former residence of the warden and the prison itself.
Investigation of the residence found it filled with detritus and prone to collapse if any ventured within. So we moved to the prison structure itself.

We ventured mostly around the ground floor. In almost every room we found some phantom or ‘geist that caused difficulties if not outright assault. Each was eventually overcome, but I fear that they will return to do more mischief as is their nature unless but to a final rest. I know not what that might entail.
One encounter was with the departed spirit of the warden’s wife herself; Vayanerassa. Found ‘hiding’ in a laundry room she could not leave after her passing, she told of an awareness of others moving through the prison seeking to expand on the evil of the haunted structure. She felt that five of the most notorious prisoners (Father Charlatan, the Splatterman, the Marauder, and two others I cannot recall the name of…) had been returned and were increasing in power. Each of these prisoners could be defeated by the implements they used in life, and these were secured in a vault on the premises. Once defeated, and with the Badge of Office of her husband, she could purge the growing evil of the prison and return it to the abandoned structure it was; empty.
We found the cache of items and some other trinkets and returned to town for an evening Twon Hall meeting as requested by Councilman Hardheart.



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